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Amino Acid Humectant

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  • release date:2019-11-18
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Detailed introduction
Major ingredient:Ami Methylglycine   

Appearance:White powder

Content:Up 99%

     Amino Acid Humectant is a  zwitterionic high effective humectant, it exists naturally  in medlar and kelp. It has same effective with transparent saccharic acid, It can widely use on cosmetics and washing products, It is a quickly absorb and high effective new humectant, It can quickly improve the water keeping abilities of muscle and hair, Amino Acid humectant can keep skin smooth and moisten, protection skin dry and becoming dark. This amino acid humectant is a natural structure, the natural preserve moisture ability is nuch high than other materials the ability is 12 times of glycerin, it is easy dissolved in water, it can be durable hot, acid and alkali, it is widely use and safety stability.

Major function:
     Preserve moisture, making skin soft, crease-resistant, making skin white and fresh and cool. It has good handle and quickly go into skin, making skin luster and fresh and cool. It can make hair luster, beside that, it can be sun-proof and diminish inflammation.   


Application Effects Plus (%)
Cosmetics Much more moisten 0.5-5
Latex Skin smooth 0.5-5
Ointment No fatness 0.5-5
Face cream Prevent taut 0.5-5
Hair protection Dry and clear 1-5
Mose Light 0.5-3
Washing water More moisten, light 0.3-2
Hand cream More moisten and clear 0.5-2
Toothpaste Preventing dry, keeping moisten 0.2-1
Tobacco Improving cut tobacco flexility 0.01-0.1
Foods Keeping moisten, milden proof 0.5-3

Deposited :
     Low temperature, shady and dry envrionment, airproof.