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Nano-Biotechnology to Leverage Modern Drug Development 

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    Nanotechnology, the ability to control or manipulate matter on the atomic scale, is finding extensive applications in the discovery of new medical technologies, and is particularly aiding NASA scientists in their 'Manned Mission to Mars' programme.

    This was revealed by Dr Robert Mah, director, Smart Systems Research Laboratory, NASA Ames Research Centre, California, during his keynote address at the First World Congress on Nano-biotechnology held recently in Mumbai. 

    Nanotechnology makes it possible to create structures, devices and systems that have novel properties and functions because of their small size - 1/1000h the diameter of a human hair. This can be effectively leveraged for the development of modern medicine from novel diagnostic technologies to drug delivery vehicles that can deliver measured doses directly to individual cells. The 'Manned Mission to Mars' will throw up several major medical and engineering challenges. New medical technologies are needed to provide remote expert health care for the crew. This new medical paradigm will shift from 'stabilize and transport' to 'stabilize, treat and sustain', Dr. Mah explained.

    The inauguration of the Nano-biotechno-logy Congress also saw the awareness launch of Chemtech+Pharma World Expo 2005, the Chemtech Foundation's flagship event to be held in Mumbai from February 8-12, 2005.

    Earlier, welcoming the gathering, Jasu Shah, chairman, Chemtech Foundation, said that nanotechnology is in its nascent stage in India, although the country is doing some good work on the biotech front. In the coming years, a lot many sectors including agriculture, health and industry are bound to benefit from this science.

    Ajit Singh, chairman, ACG World-wide and chairman, National Award Board, Pharma World Expo 2005, requested the co-operation of the industry in making the upcoming event a big success.

    Dr Firuza Parikh, director of the Department of Assisted Reproduction & Genetics, Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai, and chairperson of the Biotech World Expo 2005, also hailed the efforts of Chemtech in creating a global platform for the Indian pharma and biotech industry. The launch function was followed by the two-day World Congress on Nano-biotehcnology.

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