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Non-Cardiac Side Effects of Drugs

release date:2019-11-19 11:34:18 click:

    The researchers invented a new type of side effects will not bring inflammatory drug "delivery vehicle" can be a heart attack drugs directly to the heart, the new results were published online in a few days ago, published "Nature - Study Materials" journal. 
    Michael Davis and colleagues pointed out that the polymer microspheres called "carriers" can be applied to the treatment of various diseases of drug delivery. 
    At present, many polymer materials for the foundation to the drug "carriers" in the body will decompose to form acidic by-products, causing the target tissue of inflammation. At the treatment of inflammatory diseases, such as heart attacks that occur after myocardial dysfunction, such a result of drug-induced inflammation is not conducive to new organizations function. 
    Davis and his research team pointed out that because there is no polymer decomposition products generated by neutral or acidic by-products, which filled with a specific drug polymer microsphere can directly heart, and will not aggravate the inflammation of the heart have been . Myocardial function thanks to enhance therapeutic effects of the polymer microsphere in controlled release of drugs to allow treatment of the region can continue to receive drug treatment for a few days. In contrast, direct injection of the drug have no such effect. 
    This polymer microsphere drug "delivery vehicle" can be applied to multi-organ inflammatory disease treatment, such as liver, lung and intestinal diseases, such as parts. (Source: Science Times王丹红)

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