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The Application of Antibacterial Plastics

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       With the rapid development of plastic industry, PVC calendared products increasingly into people's lives, such as table cloth, people wearing raincoats, grain depot the fumigation film, indoor shop floor leather, wallpaper and the people in the widely used packaging film. These membranes are made of PVC as main raw materials, with a plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant and other auxiliary materials by the mixer, a refining machine or extruder, and then by four roll calendar molding. Usually, the natural macromolecule materials contain protein, fat and other substances, bacteria, fungi and other microbes are easily infringed. Most synthetic polymer material has strong drug resistance, resistance to microbial destruction, but there are also some varieties ( such as polyurethane, aliphatic polyester etc ) because of its special structure easily by microorganisms (e.g. fungal decomposition ), and its drug resistance is poor. In all the plastic products, PVC is the most susceptible microorganisms. PVC resin itself is not sensitive to microbial attack, but as a result of PVC processing required to join the stabilizers, lubricants, plasticizers and other additives, these additives into the bacterial and fungal sources of nutrition, especially plasticizers are more likely to become microbial food source. It is found that, in the plastic products used in microbial killing agent can not only prevent microbes on plastic damage, but also can inhibit or kill the plastic surface of microorganisms, thereby protecting the plastic products using one from microbial invasion, improve products, health and performance. This makes a new breed, emerge as the times require plastic antibacterial plastics, and its variety and yield increasing year by year.

( 1) antibacterial plastics in calendering products.
       Antibacterial plastic antibacterial agents and plastic blends by obtained, can also use antibacterial masterbatch and plastic blends obtained. Antibacterial agent for use in morphology is primary antibacterial material, can be used directly. In the production of antibacterial plastics, antibacterial agent powder and plastic particles, and plastics molding processing. But in general, the addition of antimicrobial powder is dispersed uniformity is poor, plastic products with poor appearance, but also because of antimicrobial agents reunion, will reduce the antibacterial efficiency to achieve the same effect, antibacterial, antimicrobial agent dosage will increase.

       In order to solve this problem, we developed the antibacterial masterbatch. Antibacterial masterbatch plastic and is used for carrying and dispersion of antibacterial agent mixed with carrier resin, made of granular concentrate, including antibacterial agent content is higher ( 10% - 50% ). Molding process of antibacterial products, only in the plastic adding 1% - 10% of the antibacterial masterbatch production. In general, the antibacterial masterbatch manufacturing antibacterial plastic antibacterial agent in plastic, the dispersion uniformity greatly good antibacterial agent antibacterial plastics blends obtained, which can improve the antibacterial agents antibacterial efficiency, more stable product quality, reducing material cost and after sale service cost. However, as a result of rolled products in production through high speed kneading machine, mixer, mixer and filter mixing, resin and antibacterial agent are mixed fully, so it can be directly use antibacterial agent.

( 2) in the application of antibacterial plastic tablecloth
      The tablecloth in hotel restaurants, the kitchen table with a large number of applications, very close contact with people. On one hand, because the table cloth and various people have the contact, will inevitably contaminated with bacteria; on the other hand, tablecloths may be residual food residue, but also conducive to the breeding of various bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Escherichia coli and other food poisoning caused by microorganisms. One hand, bowls, chopsticks and contaminated by the bacteria after exposure will cause the dining table, the cross infection. Therefore the use of antibacterial cloth which can not only ensure the cloth itself is clean and sanitary, but also conducive to the prevention of infectious diseases.

( 3) antibacterial plastics in grain fumigation membrane application
       At present, grain fumigation film grain store grain, reduce pests are essential materials, recirculation fumigation under film uses polyvinyl chloride film grain and space portions spaced, in order to solve the problems of poor sealing performance of the room, so that the aluminum phosphide and other drug slow release, and in the regulation of period of time to maintain a certain concentration, to eliminate grain pest. Application of recirculation fumigation under film, which can shorten the time of pesticide, but also can reduce the dosage. Because the fumigation film large area contact directly with food, temperature, humidity and suitable, so the fumigation film is clean, antibacterial properties and food pollution, will have direct relation, the selected antimicrobial agents safety, efficient, non-toxic also ties into thousands of households safety.

( 4) antibacterial plastic flooring and wallpaper in the application
      Plastic flooring and wallpaper is most often used in home furnishing materials, use easily in the process of deposition of dirt, microorganisms, this is because the plastic floor leather wallpaper and easy to generate electrostatic adsorption dust and microorganism, on the other hand, is because the plastic flooring and wallpaper is rich in nutrients, under the right environment will make the microbial breeding. Flooring and wallpaper on the dust and microorganism with the people in the room in the activity or other causes of air flow in indoor dust, diffusion in the air, affecting people's health. Therefore, to prevent the plastic flooring and wallpaper on the microbial harm people is very important. Have been part of the domestic manufacturers of antibacterial plastic floor leather wallpaper and put on the market, and by consumers welcome.