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Prebiotics Feed Supplement

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  • release date:2019-04-25
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Detailed introduction
    Low polyxylose is the major ingredient of probiotics feed supplement. It is made of 2-7 molecule xylose and form functional polymer sugar. As one of the best functional polymer sugars, It can improve endozoic microecology entironment and strongthen animals immunological competence and excitability. In order to prevent disease , treat an illness and promote growth. 

    High selectivity multiplication bifidobacteria, it is very hard to resolve and use by gastric juice, pancreatic juice and intestinal fluid, it has good heat-stability and durable acid and smell effective ingestion. 

Major functions:
    1. It can help intestinal tract wholesome bacterica to form microecology competitive advantage. It can compound vitamin B(VB1、VB2、VB6、VB1), helpfuless bacteria metabolite SCFA can irritate intestinal to squirm, short the time of foods stray in the intestinal, reduce the harmful materials to hurt the animal organism.
    2. Absorbing intestinal pathogenicbacteria, it has health care for animals.
    3. It can improve immunologic system to deal with vaccines, medicines and other materials of immune response.
    4. Improving lipid metabolism.
    5. Improving animals to absob and utilize mineral compositions.
    6.Antitumor action, some germs in intestinal tract can cause carcinogen, Low polyxylose can reduce the carcinogen to bring out.


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