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Magnetic Beads PCR Purification Kit

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  • release date:2019-11-18
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Detailed introduction
     This kit is the use of magnetic nano-separation technology. Purification of high-quality DNA from the PCR reaction products and other objects in the enzymatic reaction. removal of protein, dNTP, primer and other impurities, rapidly and effective, The kit applicable to automated nucleic acid purification platform. Suitable for extraction of DNA fragment length 100bp ~ 10kb, less than 100bp fragment extraction efficiency for 20 ~ 90%, 0.1 ~ 10kb fragment extraction efficiency is 90 ~ 95%. Purified DNA can be applied to various types of downstream molecular biology experiments.

Application Ranges:
     Purification of high-quality DNA from PCR reaction products ,the enzymatic reaction, and other objects., The kit applicable to automated nucleic acid purification platform.

Size (Test):
     50 Test、100 Test、200 Test