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Vitamin  H

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  • release date:2019-11-20
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Detailed introduction
     D-biotin, Biotin, Vitamin H( Molecular formula:C10H16N2O3S,Molecular weight:244.31 )is white or whiter crystal powder,it can dissolve into hot water or diluted alkalin,it can little bit  dissolve in water or ethanol, it use for vitamin series food additive .

Technology Standards:

Items Standard
Code EH-B10
Appearance White crystal powder
Content 98.5%-101.0%
Dust ≤ 0.1%
Weight metal ≤ 10ppm
Water ≤ 1.0%

    1.  Use for the health of cell and rebirth, improving blood sugar.
    2.  It is coenayme of carboxylase and use for body fat and sugar of metabolize.   
    3.  Helping for cooperation of uncleil acid and protein.   
    4.  It is necessary material of cooperation vitamin C.
    5.  It can cooperate with vitamin B2,B6,A to peek the skin health.
    6.  It can prevent skin disease and improve lipid metabolism.
    7.  Vitamin H is a nutrilit and necessary materials for keeping normal grow up and health of  skin and marrow.
    8.  Help relieve the pain of muscle.