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  • release date:2019-11-20
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Detailed introduction
     The molecular formula AHAS is C2H4O3, structural formula is HOCH2COOH
AHAS  can remove old and injured skin, stimulating new cell developing, it can cure whelk and amend the function of skin, it can desalt skin’s pigment and amend wrinkle, low concentration fruit acid (for example less 20%) can give skin nutrient, high concentration ( 20%-70%) fruit acid  can change skin. It can widely use on cosmetic, for example, making skin white and younger, removing wrinkle, etc.

Technology standard:

Items Standard
Appearance White crystal
Smell Light fruit acid smell
Content ≥ 99.5%

    1. Low concentration AHAS (10%), it can reduce cohere of scarfskin cell, it can remove aging horn, amending crude and gray, adjusting the skin quality.
    2. Media concentration AHAS(10%-30%), fruit acid can get into cutis tissue, it has a good results for curing whelk, lighting black spot and making wrinkle smoothly.
    3. High concentration AHAS(Up 30%), it has a stronger osmosis and make aging cutin  break off onetime, quickly removing spot and  wrinkle.