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Nano Coating

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  • release date:2019-10-30
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Detailed introduction
     This Nano costing is waterborne inorganic Nano oxide coating, it has the characteristics of transparent, stabilization, durable grind and bum. The hard of it is 8-9H.
The major ingredient is Nano titanium dioxide. It can use on glass, marble and ceramic,metal and wood,hard wall.

     1. The high surface hard is 8-9H, it is  high transparent, durable friction, durable high temperature (700℃-1000℃).distant water, preventing dirt, durable age, durable radiation, it can prevent water and oil infiltration.
     2. The characteristic is waterborne, environment prevention and no poison, when heat up, no gas volatilization, it does not adhibit water and oil.
     3.  It has remarkable electric insulation good decoration function.

     1.It can use on all kinds of stone, scagliola and marble, in order to increase the hard surface and durable grind and corruption. It can release infrared.
     2.It can use on the organic glass, PP and other transparent materials.
     3.It can use on the surface of all kinds of metal products. In order to improve the function of durable grind and age.

Technology Guideline:

Item Technology Guideline
Solid Ingredient 35%
Durable Temerature 700-1000 ℃
The one time coating Thickness 5-15µm
Coating surface hard 8H-9H
Intension of Imaction 50kg/cm
Adhesion 1 Degree
Durable Age At less 20 years
Durable Water Very Good
Durable Acidity Very Good
Durable Alkale  Good
Durable Organic Solvent Very good
Polish light 2 Prismatic
Bend Characteristic Good

Construction Means:
     1. Degrease clearning, make the surface clearn. ( Can use ethanol)
     2. Coating.  Air spraying, One time coating  is ok. The film thick is less 15µm, Normally we advice the film thick is  is less 5µm. (Spray  is 45 m2/kg, Sponge mo is 60 m2/kg). Transparent is very good, it is easy to dry.
     3. Solidfy condition. Normal temperature is 48 hours.  Or  150℃/30 Minute, or   180℃/ 15 Minute.
     4. Use Etanol to learn container if use water clearning it is hard.

     1. Airproof, put it in the shady and cold, avoiding the light directly shine uon and faraway fire.
     2. It can reserve 6 month under  5℃-30℃