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ATO Powder

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  • release date:2019-10-30
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Detailed introduction
Product Description:
    ATO (Antimony Tin Oxide) nano ultrafine powder has transparent conductivity in semiconductor field. It may be used for glass and various plastics for preventing static radiation, ultraviolet and infrared.

Physical Characters:
    Proportioning: SnO2: Sb2O3=90: 10 (wt%) or other proportion
    Performance: purity is more than 99.95% (base on metal impurities)
    Specific surface area: 45-75m2/g
    Specific gravity: 1.8 -2.2 g/cm3
    Diameter size: first diameter: 10-15nm, secondary diameter: 50-60nm

Product Features:
    Color: Blue color
    Content: various densities under 50%
    PH: 5-8 (optional)

   Uniformly dispersed conductive nano ultrafine particles act each other and form the conductive film, in which the movement of charges may perform high penetrating ratio and static-proof (104-108Ω)

   The absorbing ratio of ATO nano ultrafine particles for visible light (400nm-800nm) is very low. It also is transparent for the big and small particle component that is difficult to disperse visible light

  It is composed of nano ultrafine particle metal powder with stable chemical character. Because the change caused external environment such as heat and humidity is small, it has persistent effect

Product Application:
    ATO powder is a multi-functional conductive material. It has many advantages such as high conductibility, light color and transparent, weatherability, anti-radiation, absorbing ultraviolet and infrared and so on, and mainly is used for anti-static plastic, coatings, fiber, anti-radiation coating of display, construction used energy-saving windows, solar battery and automobile windscreen and so on.