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Nano Product

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Nano Tri-Prevention Finishing Agent

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  • release date:2019-10-30
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Detailed introduction
     The product is widely used for various textile surface for preventing water, oil and stain. In addition, it is not only improves the hand feeling of textile, but keeps textile away from various harmful bacteria and pollution as well.

Product Ingredient:
    Fluorine macromolecule polymer and synergistic agent

Product Features:
    Milky colloid latex, high concentrated type
    Weak cation, without causticity, toxic and side effect, and irritation.
    Apearance: White or yellow liquid
    Major ingredient: Nano materials
    Particle: 15 nm
    PH: 4-6
    Proportion: 1.03-1.05
    Washing resistance and persistent effect

    1-3% o. W. S.

Method of Application
    Dipping, padding, drying and shaping, applicable for padding method and dipping method
    Drying at 80-90 Centigrade
    Baking temperature: Centigrade.

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