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 Anion Powder

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  • release date:2019-10-30
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Detailed introduction
    Anion powder  has the function of sedation, it can improve the functions of pallium revivify, disperse tired, improve sleep, buildup the desire to eat, excitement the invdvement of the autonomic nervous system, and improve work efficiency.  Improving the function of lunge, speedily the active of fibriform organization, strength the breathe coefficient ( the quantity of absorbing oxygen increase 20%, and exclude CO2 increase 14.5%), strength the exercise of the cilia of skin on the trachea mucous membrane, at the same time, gland cell increase exudation, it can improve skin cell rebirth on the nasal mucous membrane, resume the exudation functions of mucous membrane.
    Anion will affect the economy metabolize on carbohydrate, protein. Fat, water and electrolyte, absorbing anion will decrease the quantity of blood sugar, cholesterin, blood kalium, increase eliminate of quantity of urine, nitrogen in urine and muscle anhydride, it can affect enzyme system at the same time, activation the function of many kinds of enzymes, improve organism metabolism, it can also buildup the oxidation process of brain, lung and kidney and speedily basic metabolic, also it can improve the grown up of organism.
     Anion has the function of decreasing blood pressure, it can improve heart functions and nutrition short of cardiac muscle, increasing the quantity of blood red protein, making pH much high, shorting the time of blood coagulation, stimulating organism the function of producing blood. In China, some people use air anion cure symptom of simplicity and circumambience white blood cell reducing and the radiation cure lead to the white blood cell reducing, the cure result is much better. 

   Treatment the aspiratory ailment, bronchitis, bronchia asthma, emphysema.  Anion can Improve organism functions, strength the ability of organism to resist ailment.   Effective dispelling soot, eliminating the air peculiar smell, eliminating the poisonous gas that is leaded by fitment, etc.

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