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Nano Magnetic Print Powder

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  • release date:2019-11-21
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Detailed introduction
Product Description:
     Nano magnetic print powder is a kind of inorganic advanced print powder, its main component is Ferric oxide magnetic powder, it has a strong magnetic , outer magnetic field can make it directional movement , and in outer alternating electromagnetic field can generate heat , it has stable chemical performance . The effective component content is greater than 99% , the particle size is about 200nm , its high temperature resistant .
     We can make different colors magnetic powder. For example, red, black, grey, orange. Pink, green.  therefore, application range is very wide . Meanwhile , the surface is process , so it has good hydrophobic performance , and the organic medium compatibility has greatly improved , while it has good dispersion in polymer , ethanol and toluene solution . Via detecting by National magnetic material quality supervision inspection center , magnetic saturation achieve 118emu/g . 

Product Features:
    1. Magnetic adsorption strong and good adhesion.
    2. Magnetic molecules attract each other , molecular arrangement and forming membrane is closely .
    3. Easy to detect, improves the performance of print powder.
    4. Magnetic spin movement , produce floating , good dispersion..
    5. Magnetic molecular attract each other , forming mesh structure , film good toughness .
    6. Magnetic adsorption nonmetal packing , big hardness .

Product Application:
    1. Using nano  ferric  oxide powder magnetism and all sorts of color characteristics , can be used for laser printer toner , xerox concentric , magnetic recording materials , high high gradient magnetic separator , microwave absorbing materials , special coatings , etc.
    2. Sealed magnetic , can be used as a mechanical seal of rotation of the seal .
    3.  Magnetic care , it can be widely mix in all kinds of chemical fiber , plastics and rubber , made variety of health care products and health products .
    4.  Electronic , battery , ferrite materials .
    5.  Metals , ceramics , nano ceramic , composite ceramic substrate .
    6.  Anti-ultraviolet materials , microwave absorbing materials .

    25 Kg

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