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Colorless Transparent Nano-silver Solution

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  • release date:2019-10-30
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Detailed introduction
Product Description:
    Colorless transparent Nano-Silver solution is a very stable complex silver solution. It has good safety, reliability and remarkable sterilization if the solution can be used scientifically and rationally. No matter how long the use time is, it will not change color. Comparing with common colored mono-Nano-Silver solution or ionic-Nano-Silver solution, with rapid sterilized function, its antibacterial ability is tens times higher. taking 10ppm the solution and doing the bacteriostatic test of colon bacillus, as a result, the bacteria decreased by 99.99% in two minutes.

Product Features:
    1. Ag  particle diameter is   around 10nm.
    2. Ag content density: conventional products are 3000ppm.
    3. State: colorless and transparent liquid.
    4. Safety and environmental protection.
    5. Bacteriostatic activity: ten times higher than mono-nano silver or ionic-Nano-Silver one. 
    6. Bacteriostatic and sterilizing features: Broad-spectrum sterilization without drug resistance.
    7. Strong anti-oxidation activity. No matter how long the time is, coating on white or various cloth or  paper     will not change color. 
    8. May be dispersed into water or various organic solvent.

Product Application:
    Make various external bactericide, including various antibacterial gel, lotion, powder and troche.
    May be added into various water-base, oil-base coatings.
    Added into various textile or paper products, especially for the products that have special requirement on color change. 

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