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Pharmaceutical Grade Nano Pearl Powder

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  • release date:2019-11-19
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Detailed introduction
Product Description:
    Pure natural pearl powder selected pearl of the township, choose fresh water pearl as raw material, using pure physical super fine powder technology refined but become, do not add any auxiliary material, intact, pearl natural nutrition, let you enjoy the beauty of the pearl.

Product Features:
    Composition:This product is pearl shell inner parts processing and into powder.
    Character: This product is the most fine powder, white Odourless, taste light. In the water insoluble in dilute hydrochloric acid can intumescent dissolved.
     Function:To tranquilize the nerves, clear away heat, virus. Used for neurasthenia, pharyngitis, outside your breath sore.
     The method of use : Oral, daily in the morning - times, each time 1 g and milk or boiled water a blunt.
      Storage:Sealed and store in cool dry place.
      The guarantee period : Three years
       Note :
       1.Sensitive skin please in the ear and place tests use;
       2.Do not put pearl powder and acidic materials mixed use.

Pearl powder ten big use:
       1. Pearl on human delay senility.
       2. Are good for your eyes.
       3. Have a good skin care effects.
       4. Can remove toxic, repair the scar.
       5. Has the function of calcium.
       6. Adjust gastric acid blood acid uric acid and the effect of human body ph value.
       7. The role of meditation to calm the nerves.
       8. Morning and evening suit pearl powder can treat oral diseases such as breath canker, pharyngitis, tooth inflammation and so on all have  antiphlogistic effect.
       9. The woman is pregnant, nursing, taking pearl powder for fetal birth have accelerated bone normal development, increase the effect of intelligence.
       10. Pearl powder has keep out ultraviolet ray, prevent bask in the effect of radiation.

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