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Detailed introduction
     Honeysuckle is caprifoliaceae perennial woody low branching plant, nickname tree’s model honeysuckle, normal is a medicine. Bud as medicine, it has very good anti-inflammatory and detoxification function.  
     It can cure throat gall, phthisis, respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, acute bacterial dysentery, infantile diarrhea, acute inflammation, such as ophthalmic.
     Honeysuckle has two kinds of samples, one is perennial woody, it can continue to live 15-20 years. The flowers open together, bud can keep long time, it is easy to pick up, easy to deposited. It has a good medicine results, high output, high useful, another one is liane, the flowers are one a year, It needs set up shelves for its growing up, at the end of fall the plants will be fade , it will grow up next year. In our company all honeysuckle is perennial woody.