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Mint Essence Oil

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  • release date:2019-11-21
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Detailed introduction
     Mint essence oil was made of flowers of mint spices plant, roots, leaves, stems, twigs, wood, leather, seed or secretions, it is a kind of oil with fragrance by distilling, dry distillation and extraction process etc to deal with the up raw materials of mint plants. This product is a nano product, compared with traditional essence has a better effect.
Main Application:
      Mint essence oil has been widely used in many fields. For example: beauty field treatment,  health care, at the same time many kinds of human disease can be treated by essence oil , also  it has a great influence on hormones disorders. Positive mint essence oil can make people excited, negative makes people relieve.
It can be widely used in, rubber, plastic, textile and other areas.
Method of use:
     Products can be directly put into the liquid for 3-5 minutes.  Also it can apply adequate amount to the body and oily daub massages absorption. Spraying essence on the surface of deal with products will be fine.
Storage and types:
     It should avoid light and hot to storage essence. Period of validity  is two years.
 At present we  have the essence of mint, jasmine, gardenia, orange, apple, lavender, etc. we can make differ essences as customers corresponding products.

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