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Antimicrobial Product

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Transparent Antimicrobial And Mildew-proof Powder

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  • release date:2019-11-21
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Detailed introduction
    Transparent antimicrobial and mildew-proof powder is a new kind of remarkable, broad-spectrum, almost no poisonous antimicrobial agent, it does not affect the color of plastic, fabric, rubber, so it can plus into any kind of antimicrobial produces. It can eliminate and restrain bacterial, mildew and all kinds of microorganism during the process of produces to make, transport, storage and sell. In order to reduce the lost of all kinds of bacterial brings to produces. Due to it has high transparent and remarkable sterilization, it widely use on leather, plastic, fabric and rubber. The antimicrobial result is very good.

Product characters:
    This product has many good characters, after internal and external long term experiments to confirm,. It has non-acute toxicity, chronic toxicity of security, did not induce allergic, non teratogenic, non-mulagenic , non-carcinogenic, no light and light-induced emotional role, in the molecular, the chlorine atom has a special stability and not to release any free chorine. No toxic and harmless to human beings, it does not metabolism through liver and kidney. This product enters human body and directly through digestive tract and found in feces, a small amount of discharge through urine.

Technological standards:

Characters Standards
Active ingredients Compound
Appearance White needle crystal powder
Water content Less 0.1%
Major   ingredient More than 98%
Size  Less 300 mesh

    Depend on different produces the usage is different.  Advise usage is 0.2-0.4%

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