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Antimicrobial Product

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Lavender Nano Silver Textile Antimicrobial Finishing Agent

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  • release date:2019-11-20
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Detailed introduction
Product description:   
    The major materials for making this product is colorless transparent nano silver solution and Lavender, it is widely use for pure cotton, mixed spinning, chemical fiber, non-woven fabric, leather, etc. It does not change the handle, color and state of the treated fabrics, and the antimicrobial rate is up to 99.9% after being washed 50 times.

Product feature:
    Appearance: Colorless transparent solution
    PH: Neutral (1% solution)
    Antimicrobial: High effective broad spectrum sterilization
    Washable: Above 50 times
    Oxidation character: Good anti-oxidation, use for any kinds of fabric and do not change the color of them.
    Safety: Nontoxic, innocuity, no pollution to environment

Product application:
    Widely use for pure cotton, mixed spinning, chemical fiber, no woven fabric and leather.

Processing Method:
    Making use of spraying, padding and dipping.
    It can be directly sprayed on the surface of fabric.
    Dipping roll, use for all kinds of scroll fabric.
    Process flow: Dipping-rolling-drying-packing.
    Dipping use for hosiery ( towel, Turkish towel, socks, respirator, bedsheet, quilt cover, napkin).