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The Invention Relates to a Nano-Silver Antibacterial Finishing Agent For Gardeni

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  • release date:2019-11-19
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Detailed introduction
Product presentation:
    Gardenia fragrance nano-silver antibacterial and flavor finishing agent is a new type of textile additive, which can not only be used in textiles, but also play a unique role in removing flavor, releasing fragrance, relieving pressure and achieving the purpose of pleasure in fabrics in public places.

Product characteristics:
    Main ingredients: Gardenia microcapsules, nano-silver antibacterial agent, nano-flavor essence, taste powder and so on. 

Color: Pale Yellow
    Aromatic, deodorant, antibacterial, can maintain fragrance for 1-2 years.
    Application area 
    The product is mainly used for the surface of a church, a classroom, a chess board room, a night club, a KTV room, a sauna room, a carpet fabric in a public place, and the like. Can also be used for removing various off-flavors such as clothes, shoes and hats, carpets and the like.

Usage method:
    After being diluted with water at 5%, the surface of the carpet and the like is directly sprayed and air-dried. the fabric is treated on the fabric, the fabric is treated by spraying, padding, dipping and the like, the drying temperature is between 110 and 120 DEG C.