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Antimicrobial Product

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Textile Antimicrobial And Mildew-Proof Finishing Agent

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  • release date:2019-10-30
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Detailed introduction
    This product is a new kind of macromolecule antimicrobial and mildew-proof finishing agent, It has remarkable antimicrobial and sterilization function to all kind of bacteria and epiphyte which has harm to human beings health, antimicrobial rate is up 99.5%, mildew-proof is up 1 degree. It is safety and innocuity; it does not hurt human being and environment. It accords with nation and Europe environment standard.

   1. Remarkable broad-spectrum antimicrobial and mildew-proof abilities, It can kill and inhibit a variety of       pathogenic bacteria, it does not make bacteria has resistant to medicines.  
    2. It widely use on all kinds of sponges, non- woven fabrics, chemical fabrics, cotton,   hemp, wool, silk and paints, etc.
    3. It easy to use and does not need additional finishing process.
    4. Safety and innocuity, does not pollute environment, accord with national environment standard.
    5. Good durable temperature is around 200℃, stable, good dispersion, good compatibility.
    6. Washable is around 40 times

Basic characters:

Items Standard
Appearance Transparent liquid
PH   7
Ionic Positive
Environment protection Safety and innocuity
Stability No color change
Usage 1~3%WT
    1. In sponges, directly plus 0.5% WT in rule material, mix up and use it like normal.
    2. Pad dyeing craftwork, this product use concentration is 20-40g/l, a dip a rolling, rolling rate is 50%, the normal drying process.
    3. Impregnation process, the product usage is  1.0-2.0% of the weight of  drying textile, normal the rate is 1:15-20, mixing up 10 minutes,  dipping 30 minutes on 50℃,  drying in normal craftwork.
    4. Spraying on textile, the usage is 1% of product weight.  

    Normal temperature and avoiding light to deserve is around 1 year.